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Floral Glasses Case

Model Number:MP-1 Classical hard high-quality semitransparent hot-selling popular spectacle boxes.

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Product Details
Model Number:MP-183
Body Material:Iron、PU
Delivery Time:7 days
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Color:White, Blue
Net weight:about 114.4g



The glasses case is small  broken flower design.The frame of spectacle box is made of metal material.It has strong anti pressure and anti falling performance, and can better protect your glasses.It contains a layer of precision blue flocking,can prevent the glasses from sliding in the box and protect the glasses from being scratched.



      This type of glasses case is made of high-grade leather.Resistance to dirty waterproof,sturdy ,comfortable hand feeling.Elegant fashion is not easy to break the skin,super wear resistance.The use of high-quality green glue, small taste, non-toxic harmless.


The glasses case is designed with flip cover.

Take convenience,fine workmanship,edge and slippery,clear print.

Suede lining with large capacity,add joy to learning life.


     Spectacle case adopts resilient elastic closure system.Built in elastic stainless steel metal core,high hardness,good elasticity,good toughness.It has waterproof, moisture-proof and grease proof characteristics.        



     If you don't wear glasses, please wrap them with glasses case and put them in the glasses case to avoid insect repellents, toiletries andcosmetics.Exposure to corrosive substances such as fermentation and drugs will cause deterioration, distortion and discoloration of lenses.This glasses case is suitable for people of all ages. It can take good care of your glasses.



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