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Smooth Cowhide Glasses Case

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Product Details
Model Number:MR-076
Body Material:Cowhide
Delivery Time:about 7 days
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Net Weight:about 74.4g

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     It can be folded and accepted, convenient, imported kraft paper, environmental protection and health, beautiful appearance, visual, first-class touch are very good!Small and light, close the front cover, the sucker can be easily adsorbed on the screen, so that the protective cover and the fuselage form a perfect whole, not easy to fall off, to bring its all-round care.

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    This glasses case is made of cowhide. It can put all kinds of glasses. Its soft leather and smooth fabric give people a sense of comfort.

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   The glasses box is covered with suede protection, magnets open and close, and can be folded for storage.The simple printed company's logo is Pure and fresh and Concise.Monotonous colors make the glasses box more atmospheric.

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    This kind of glasses case wallet shape, does not occupy the space, easy to go out to carry.This glasses case, whether in detail, or personality logo, reveals avant-garde and dynamic, these are the main elements of attracting young people's attention.





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