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Several common screws for glasses
- Jun 05, 2017 -

A hinge screw: the screw used for hinge assembly, the main feature of this screw is the flat head, half teeth.
B Clamp SCREW: For the lock clamp mouth, this screw is the flat-head all teeth, except the whole tooth other than the hinge screws.
C stipules screws: Used to lock the stipules, the screws are more than tapping screws. Generally stainless steel materials, the size of M1.0 and M1.2 two kinds of specifications.
D wire Screw: Used to support the use of wire to form the screw connection structure. The main characteristic is the whole tooth big head, general screw head diameter in 2.3-2 8mm.
E Headless screws: is the most used screws without frame, because one end of welding in the middle beam or the Zhuang, so welding screws.
F Plus plastic screws: In order to control the locking force screws and to prevent the screws from falling off, in the middle-grade spectacle frame is often used in the screw head with a ring of rubber screws, add plastic screws are generally used only as hinge screws and clamp screws.