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This folding sunglass case could be just what you're looking for.
- Jul 07, 2018 -

    Did you just buy new sunglasses for this summer? Are you worried about them getting scratched when you throw them in your purse or leave them laying in the car? I have a great idea for you. 

    Purchase this great sunglass case and your sunglasses will be protected from all those scary things that can scratch them and make them no fun to wear. Or buy them to protect your $3 reading glasses that stay buried in the bottom of your purse. They'll be so much quicker to find. This sunglass case measures 161mm long and 70mm wide. It could be larger to fit even the largest sunglasses.

    If you need to customize yourself logo, please contact us by E-mail or by Telephone and we will be happy to make these cases according to your request. Please check out my other lovely products in our website if your haven't already.