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What is the difference between the traditional glasses case and the EVA glasses case?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Many customers have such questions. In fact, the current glasses case is not only for the purpose of placing glasses, but also a carrier for fashion consumption. The pursuit of individual fashion characteristics will inevitably require changes, glasses boxes will appear different styles, different functional products with customers, to share the characteristics of EVA glasses case and traditional glasses box today:

First: the difference between EVA glasses case and traditional glasses case

1, the shape design is different.

A variety of glasses, different styles, different styles must have different styles of glasses boxes, a variety of options. The traditional glasses case is a single style.

2, the size is different.

Traditional eyeglass cases are almost the same size and are in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped. EVA glasses cases are large and small, close to the cuboid, flat, heart-shaped, close to the square and so on.

3. Different functions.

Traditional storage of glasses is fine. In addition to the EVA glasses case, it must be beautiful and easy to carry.


Second: the characteristics of the EVA glasses case

EVA glasses case is cheap, flexible and easy to carry. It is definitely the best choice for students to put glasses. Contact lenses have a strict and cumbersome procedure from fitting to wearing and nursing and maintenance.

Primary and secondary school students often have a weak sense of self-protection and poor self-care ability. They are nervous every day and it is difficult to clean and care the eyes and lenses in accordance with the standard operating procedures. In addition, long-term lack of sleep, daily overload of the eyes, regular delay wearing glasses, etc., can lead to local corneal resistance, when the day and night, cold or suffering from superficial trauma, it is easy to cause corneal and conjunctival infections. In severe cases, corneal ulcers, perforation, and blindness may occur, and such painful examples in adolescents are numerous.

Third: Precautions for the use of EVA glasses case

There are also precautions for the use of EVA glasses cases. Of course, wearing EVA glasses should be equipped with EVA glasses case, and then take a look at some of the places to pay attention to.

1. Before the fitting, you must go to the hospital to check whether there is eye disease in the eye. Is it an indication for wearing glasses?

2, EVA glasses are not simple products, with contact lenses in foreign countries is a complex medical service process, the complication caused by poor fitting is sometimes at the expense of eye loss. Therefore, it is best to choose lenses with better quality and good reputation and high oxygen permeability.


3. Pay attention to personal hygiene and eye hygiene. Can't blink your eyes at will. The daily wearing time should not be too long, preferably no more than 8~10 hours.

4. The lens should be cleaned, disinfected and cured in strict accordance with the requirements every day. Also pay attention to whether the disinfectant solution is within the validity period. The lens case also needs to be disinfected regularly, and the expired lenses or damaged lenses are replaced in time.

5, when the eye is congested, tears should be suspended wearing glasses; suffering from conjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystitis, mumps, it is forbidden to wear glasses; after staying up late or when you have a fever, it is best not to wear a mirror; when swimming, taking a bath When the wind and sand in the wild is large, the lens should also be taken off.

The above analysis of the difference between the EVA glasses case and the traditional glasses case is here, the glasses case is constantly updated, and it is developing in a practical, convenient, fashionable and beautiful direction. Then we compare the traditional glasses case and EVA glasses case is a very popular product, and it has also received the attention and love of many students.