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Will the degree of glasses wear deeper?
- Jun 05, 2017 -

The reasons for the increasing size of glasses are roughly three points:
The first is wearing unsuitable glasses. Such glasses will not only make the degree too fast to become larger, but also produce eye fatigue. This involves the correct optometry and lens, such as to accurately measure the length of the eye axis, or may make glasses to the correction of visual acuity, over time affect eyesight.
The second is to pay attention to eye hygiene. Eye time is too long, prone to eye fatigue, visual acuity will be significantly reduced. Now, watching TV, using computer time is more than the past, it is best to spend one hours in the distance to look at, at the same time, should insist on eye exercises, not lying, crooked reading.
The 31st pair of glasses wears for several years. At least once a year to detect vision. Once the eyesight is found to drop, the optometry should be corrected in time to correct the eyesight. Suitable glasses can reduce eye fatigue and reduce the degree of eyeglasses