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Advantages Of Microfiber Eye Bags
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Now many of the glasses are ultra-fine fiber, superfine fiber uses a wide range of fabrics made of it, through sand washing, grinding and other advanced finishing, the surface of a layer of similar to the appearance of a peach skin, and extremely loose, soft, smooth, foreign use superfine fiber as a high-grade artificial suede, both resembles the appearance of the dermis, feel, style, and low price; Superfine fiber can also be made of extremely smooth surface of ultra-high density fabric, used to make skiing, skating, swimming and other sportswear can reduce resistance, is advantageous to the athlete to create the good result because the ultra fiber is fine and soft, uses it to make the clean cloth decontamination effect extremely good, may wipe all kinds of eyeglasses, the film and television equipment, the precision instrument, to the mirror no damage; In addition, superfine fiber can also be used for filtration, health, labor protection.

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