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All Kinds Of Face Matching Mirror Choice!
- Jun 05, 2017 -

1. round
The round face is completely opposite to the square face, so the principle of the frame selection is basically opposite to that of the square face; the mirror frame with obvious edges and corners is needed to improve the facial contour, but it also needs the "elongated" principle of square face, that is, to use the mirror frame with lower height and higher
2. Inverted Heart
The inverted face is also unbalanced, the forehead is narrow, the lower the wider, so its jaw wide and prominent. This kind of facial shape is relatively rare, the principle of the choice of the mirror frame is opposite to the heart-shaped face.
3. Oval Face
The oval face is called ideal shape, the skeleton is not particularly prominent, there is no obvious shortcoming to cover. But this "ideal" face also derives from the lack of shape, so it is necessary to apply the principle "elongate" or "shorten" the face according to the situation.
4. heart-shaped
The heart-shaped face is also called the inverted triangular face, which is characterized by wider forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow and pointed jaw. The appearance of this face is not balanced, upper than the lower part of the larger and more prominent, need to wear the appearance of the opposite mirror frame, that is, the bottom of the wider so that can increase the width of the lower half. The lower position of the mirror also helps to improve this effect.