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Characteristics Of Various Glasses Case
- Aug 20, 2018 -

      Glasses are not new in our daily life. They are used to correct or protect our eyesight. Some of them are used as ornaments, but sometimes they do not need to be worn all the time. Whether it is the practicality of the glasses case or the pursuit of its aesthetic appearance, the glasses case on the market is also a variety of, we will understand the following glasses case manufacturers have what characteristics of the products.


Cloth Luca manufacturer folding spectacle case

       Bluka's glasses case products are generally aimed at high-end fashion customers, its one folding compact glasses case, is the new spring of 2015. Foldable glasses case not only looks beautiful and generous, but also very light and easy to carry, it is very fashionable; the inner edge of the product is very beautiful, smooth and clean, and the high-strength shell is not easy to deform in use, and can effectively prevent extrusion, overlapping parts used. The built-in magnet design is very convenient for opening and closing.


Manufacturer's car glasses case

     The onboard glasses cases manufactured by Morandi manufacturers are generally specially designed for BMW series, the model M-X010 onboard glasses case. It is very convenient to use, and take as you like, very convenient, but also can avoid glasses everywhere caused by scratch lenses, etc. At the same time for the car to achieve a reasonable use of space, keep things neat storage, is a very solid product.


    Above the simple introduction of different functions of the glasses box manufacturers produced by the product characteristics, of course, in addition to the above mentioned, there are other types, we can choose according to their own needs and glasses characteristics, to choose the corresponding glasses case, so as to achieve the effect of protecting glasses.