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Cutting Method Of Microfiber Glasses Cloth
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Glasses cloth Everyone must have seen, also know what it is. But it has what kind of specific classification, everybody certainly is not very clear, today I come to talk about superfine fiber glasses cloth Cutting method, take everybody to learn more about superfine fiber glasses cloth related aspect knowledge point.
1. Ultrasonic Sealing Edge
Through the vibration of the ultrasonic Vibration Unit (oscillator) produced by the group (to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy), through the horn (welding head) transfer heat, through to the cutting tool extrusion fabric, this edge is the current dust-free cloth cutting way the most perfect one.
2. not sealing edge (cold cutting)
Dust-free wiping cloth is mainly through the direct cutting of electric scissors, this kind of cutting way easy to produce hair crumbs, and can not be done after cutting clean treatment, wiping process in the side will produce a large number of cloth crumbs, no cleanliness. Generally not recommended.