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Daily Detail Maintenance Of Glasses
- Jul 25, 2018 -

    Many men use their paper towels or clothes corners to wipe their glasses because they don't have glasses. But in fact, the design of the glasses cloth is more smooth, whether it is a paper towel or a clothing angle, the fiber is relatively rough, which will affect the clarity of the glasses in the long run. Therefore, if you wear glasses all the time, you will be more convenient to carry glasses.

    Some men think that their glasses have not been cleaned for a long time, so the glasses will be cleaned with a general cleaning agent when cleaning, which is considered to make the glasses cleaner. In fact, most of the stains on the glasses can be washed off with water. If a large amount of detergent is used for cleaning, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the fiber structure of the lens.

    If the small screws on the glasses are loose, the men must tighten them as soon as possible. Because the loose small screws may increase the probability of the glasses falling off, which will cause inconvenience to the wearer, and the tightened screws will also reduce the contact with the air and avoid rust. This is an important step!

    Some men leave their glasses, their eyes are blurred, they even wear glasses when they take a bath, or put glasses on the side of the fish tank. This is wrong! Because the metal frame of the glasses will increase rust due to washing, long The high temperature immersion of time will also cause the glasses to deform.

    When picking up the glasses, remember not to take off the glasses directly with one hand. This is because one-handed glasses will deform the glasses arm, causing discomfort in wearing, so it is king to take glasses with both hands! Idol drama and movie It is absolutely not advisable to use the one-handed method of taking glasses in this way.

    After the glasses are used for a period of time, not only will the frame be deformed, but the quality of the lens will also change. A good lens has a base white, a good light transmittance, a light film, and the lens is not deformed by moving the lens up and down.

    Under normal circumstances, high-quality lenses are still in good quality for 2 to 3 years, and inferior lenses, especially inferior resin lenses, are difficult to use for more than one year. Once the wearer finds that the lens is yellow, the coating is peeling off and fluffing should go to the hospital to re-examine the new glasses.