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DIY Hard Case Glasses Case
- Aug 27, 2018 -

    Always within the inexperienced and save mode and thinking ways that|of the way|of how} to utilize everyday optical-eyecare objects it occurred to Maine whereas we have a tendency to did a post on reusing glasses cases to create a toy -we haven’t done a post regarding what percentage alternative ways are you able to utilize eyeglass cases.


   After I started listing all the ways in which you'll utilize or use lens cases.WOW- what an excellent chance for eyecare professionals! Thinking out of the glasses case. Glasses cases aren't only for eyeglasses any longer.. Why not established a ‘Store among A Store‘ conception simply with differing types of glasses cases and do up some demo- displays just like the ones shown below.


     I created up a fast dark glasses case for myself at the tip of Gregorian calendar month, and thought i'd post it here as a tutorial. Turns out, the additional i believed regarding posting it the additional i believed that there should be a much better method than the flat, terribly soft case that I created in regarding quarter-hour. It had no form and no intrigue, and worst of all I don’t assume it'd do a spectacular job of taking excellent care of my dark glasses either! 


   Since I’m super sensible at procrastinating (and extremely busy with the youngsters this summer) I gathered up all of the dark glasses cases that I might notice and lined them au fait my cutting table Sunday night. Too late into the night to say, I came up with the Sunny Glasses Case! It's extremely straightforward to form, principally as a result of I’ve done all of the trial and error through six or seven versions therefore you don’t have to!