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Easy DIY Sunglasses Case Pattern
- Aug 31, 2018 -

    What’s the Project? This summer sew up a cute very little DIY glasses case in three straightforward steps. It’s nice to contribute your purse or beach bag and fight the come with you. 


  So, I place along a cute very little DIY glasses case pattern and that i am giving it to you today!


Let’s learn and let’s build some shall we?!

Easy glasses case pattern:

Supplies needed:

Scraps of two coordinating  materials

Scraps of liquid fleece

Sewing Instructions:

Cut your cloth into seven 1/2 in. by four 1/2 in. rectangles. you may want four total, a pair of from every cloth. move and fuse your fleece to the incorrect facet of your outer cloth. Then cut regarding 1/2 in. off the length of that one in order that it's slightly shorter than your inner cloth.

Partner every of your parallelograms with their matching rectangle. With right sides along, sew round the outer edges of your rectangles, effort one in every of the short ends open.


    The skeleton of the handmade glasses case is made of iron and cardboard, the style is foldable and unfoldable, and the fabric is made of kraft paper, cloth, genuine wood grain and leather. Each material has its own characteristics. When choosing the box type and making LOGO, please contact the customer service for the specific effect, so as to avoid the actual production because you do not know the characteristics of the fabric. There is a big discrepancy between the object and the effect you expect.


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