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Flat Glasses Box
- Jun 05, 2017 -

When we do not use sunglasses, we often put it in the camera box, but when we wear sunglasses, for those who advocate the Lite travel, glasses boxes often become a bulky cumbersome.
China's glasses box industry is now widely popular flat-panel glasses box is to solve this problem and the production of a collapsible storage box, glasses box manufacturers from the angle of folding to resolve this space problem, the market appears triangular, rectangular shape, such as a number of collapsible glasses box.
The flat-panel glasses can be easily assembled or folded in just a few seconds, and folded only 10 mm, some even 5 mm thick, its internal materials are widely used in paper, plastic, aluminum, iron and other materials, and one of which is the majority of pieces and plastic film, or two kinds of material combination, this kind of glasses box can easily put into the bag, jeans back pocket, backpack, easy to carry.