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How To Clean Glasses Correctly
- Jul 23, 2018 -

   Modern people have almost all kinds of glasses, either myopia or sunglasses. So, will you really wipe your glasses? Today, I will discuss with you how to wipe the glasses. It is important that the glasses may wear the lens if they are improperly wiped.

   Dirty lenses should not be wiped directly. The lens should be wet first, preferably under the faucet. Rinse the small particles on the surface. You can also add the right amount of detergent when rinsing, and surround the lens with your thumb and forefinger. This is called washing glasses. After waiting for the lens to clean, rinse the mirror with water. This process is similar to rinsing. Then wipe gently with a suede or a strong absorbent eyeglass cloth, taking care not to use too much force. If you don't wear clean glasses, be sure to put them in the glasses case.

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