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Introduction To The Basics Of Glasses Case
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Glasses case concept

A spectacle case is a tool for holding glasses for convenience of carrying. Glasses are simple optics made to correct vision or protect the eyes. It consists of a lens and a frame. Glasses for correcting vision include [url] myopia glasses [/ url] and hyperopia glasses, reading glasses and astigmatism glasses.

What is glasses?

Glasses have a long history. Chinese and foreign history books have recorded that glasses originated in China and are the legacy of Chinese ancient culture, medicine and crafts. Its development has gone through thousands of years of history. In Western countries, the earliest appearance of glasses was in the late 13th century. At that time, there was an Italian named Marco Pol6. He lived in the small country for 17 years and worked for the Yuan Dynasty court. He traveled all over China. He was very familiar with the glasses in the Yuan Dynasty court. Interest, when he returned to China, he sent his glasses to the West, so the place where the earliest glasses were made in the West was Venice, the hometown of Marco Polo. In addition, Marco Polo’s travel notes contain records of older people wearing glasses reading novels and small prints.

Glasses are both a tool to protect the eyes and a cosmetic accessory. From the function of the lens, it has the effect of regulating the amount of light entering the eye, increasing vision, protecting eye safety and clinically treating eye diseases. For children with ametropia caused by refractive error and ametropia with headache, after wearing glasses Can be treated. The function of the eyeglass frame, in addition to the lens supporting lens, is worn on the human eye to play a supporting role, and it also has a cosmetic and decorative effect. Modern pop-ups emphasize that glasses must be in harmony with the facial makeup and costumes of the times, reflecting the social class, academic elegance, fashion and so on.

With the rapid development of social technology, with the continuous improvement of people's culture and living standards, and the development of vision health care, glasses will play an important role in people's life.

Spectacle lens material:

There are three types of spectacle lenses, glass, resin, and crystal. But in general, myopia uses only glass or resin, and crystal is rarely used.

Type of glasses case

At present, the glasses cases that you see every day have the following types:

1. Plastic glasses case;

2, iron glasses case;

3, magic glasses case;

4, EVA glasses case;

5, manual glasses case;

6, contact lens case;

Among them, plastic glasses cases are the most common.