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Knowledge Of Glasses Case
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The knowledge of glasses case: The history of glasses has been developed for a long time. As many people think that people wearing glasses are learned people, many scholars and professors are wearing glasses. There are a lot of people with no vision problems wearing glasses with no degrees. The glasses and glasses case are basically inseparable, and the glasses must have one thing to install. That is the glasses case. There are many kinds of glasses cases, such as plastic glasses case, EVA glasses case, metal glasses case, etc. Let's take a look at the knowledge of theglasses case.


In the middle of the thirteenth century, the British philosopher Freis Bacon invented the glasses ~ eye box, the Qing Dynasty pendants in China, the Qing Dynasty, the variety of styles and styles are many, the shape is small, the material is diverse, there are jade, lapis lazuli, gold inlay Turquoise, sandalwood, gold platinum, venus stone, coral, glass and other different materials. There are also a variety of embroidery pieces, including sachets, sachets, fan sleeves, glasses cases, straps, fire bags, fasting cards, etc. These are the ornaments that hang in the waist in the Qing dynasty. Both men and women are the things to carry and carry, and the late Qing is especially prosperous. Qing Dynasty silk eyes box.

There are many kinds of glasses cases, and the metal bag is made of leather, eva cloth, plastic, and there are many kinds of glasses bags, leather sewing, and so on.

Glasses are placed in the glasses case. It is generally recommended that the lenses be placed face down so that the glasses are relatively stable in the glasses case! Of course, some glasses must be placed on the top to be put down, then the lens is also up! The temples are facing outwards! However, it is very important that no matter how it is placed, the lens must first be wrapped in glasses for a few laps! This way the lens will be protected by the mirror cloth without any wear! If there are two glasses cloths, one piece is placed at the bottom of the glasses case, and it is better to wrap the lens. If it is a microfiber cloth, it is best.