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MINMO Sample Exhibition Hall
- Jun 30, 2018 -

   The new exhibition hall of spectacle case was completed and put into use in April 2018. The environment is beautiful, the layout is neat, the lighting effect is good. The new exhibition hall not only has bigger space, but also has all the windows on the floor, and the large light box posters make the exhibition hall look more flexible and compel.

    The sample of the new exhibition hall covers plastic glasses cases, iron glasses cases, soft bags, folding hand cases, glasses wipe cloths, glasses pouches, paper boxes, paper bags and so on. All kinds of glasses cases are diverse in shape, diverse in color and reliable in quality, which can meet the needs of the vast majority of optician customers. The new exhibition hall also specially prepared tables and chairs for visiting customers to rest and discuss business, but also prepared some drinks and snacks.

    After being put into use, it has accepted many customers to visit, all over China and even the whole world. None of the visitors after the visit was satisfied with it. And with the development of new glasses box, the exhibition hall's glasses case style will continue to update and become more and more. We also welcome you to visit.