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The Function Of Glasses Cloth
- Aug 29, 2018 -

     In fact, many people are accustomed to using the glasses clothsent by the shop to wipe when the glasses are dirty. If the glasses cloth is not around, just use paper towels or the corners of the clothes to clean it at will. Over time, our glasses seem to have a lot of scratches, and these "scars" are caused by our unprofessional cleaning!


    So what is the use of eyeglasses for? Some people say it's used to wipe glasses, others argue that it's not used to wipe glasses, but to wrap glasses in a glasses case. In fact, these two statements are not right either. 


    The reason why there is a proposal not to use glasses cloth to wipe glasses, a great deal of reason is that the material of glasses cloth is not pass, many businesses donated glasses cloth quality is not pass, now the material is not as glass as before, mostly resin lenses, the surface of multi-layer coating, poor wear resistance, if used improperly, it is easy Scratched by dust on the spectacle cloth.


     After buying good glasses cloth, you still need to consider the cleaning of glasses cloth, glasses cloth used for a long time, will inevitably fall ashes, and then the good material is the same, after all, there is no fabric will never be ashy, so regular cleaning glasses cloth must be remembered. More importantly, the cloth should be rubbed in one direction. If you're still used to swirling it around, no good cloth will work.